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1. A no-name town full of rednecks and junkies that can be found in the middle of nowhere.

2. The true area 51 where anyone can go to hide from the law.
3. The only place that allows homicidal children to attend their school.
1. "After I catch me another 4 pointer in Livingston Manor, i'm gonna go shoot up."
2. "Have you seen my pet yeti, I just had him when i was in Livingston Manor."
3. "She's going to be the youngest sergon out of Livingston Manor because she had the most practice.But we still can find the bodies"
by BlueChaseAwsumSauce November 18, 2011
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Town of inbreds and druggies. If you live in this town your mother and father are probably brother and sister. Also if you're from this town your hopes of finding an attractive partner for life are slim to none. You're also more prone in this town for being a coke head, pizza face, pill junkie, heroin addict, or possibly pedophile. The only successful people who come out of this town...are those who leave and/or go to rehab. Or jail. Just remember, never go to the Robin Hood Diner after sunset...and don't trust a hoe.
Livingston Manor is a great place to catch up on your drug habits and STD's.
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