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To livicate (verb)

1. To set apart for divine or spiritual purposes and uses.
2. To vivaciously commit (oneself) to a particular course of thought or movement.

In Rastafarian dialect, "to livicate" is substituted for "to dedicate", as to rid itself of a connotation of dead or death.
"This one (tune) is livicated to all those who thought they would never need a friend. Until their standing right there, alone, by themselves at the end." ~Soldiers of Jah Army

by beeksc1 September 12, 2008
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1. To focus one’s thought or actions on life and living.

2. Complete and wholehearted devotion to life, career, ideal, etc.

3. A Rastafarian vocabulary term meaning β€œto bring to life.”
I livicate myself to the uplift of the human race.
by mhotep April 01, 2010
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