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A suburb of syracuse, one of the best school districts for music in central new york. Home of one of the best High School Marching Bands in New York State. (As of the end of the 05 season we were only behind West Genessee and Arlington). Oh, and if liverpool is CNY's armpit, then CNS is CNy's anus. And we already beat you in footbal this year(2006), and what did you do, VANDALIZE OUR STADIUM. CNS kids are a bunch of thugs. Liverpool is better
Liverpool, NY can and has kicked CNS's ass!
by LHS Marching Warrior September 28, 2006
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Okay Sweetheart,lets get some things straight. Before you go mouthing off about how "stupid" Liverpool is, you may want to do a spell check because last time I checked believe was spelled "b-e-l-i-e-v-e" and not "b-e-l-e-a-v-e". Was that slow enough for you? Do you understand now? Okay good, I'm glad we got that straight. How the hell can you sit there and call us dumb when you cant spell a word like believe? Let's be serious. Also, what the hell does Sears have anything to do with Liverpool High School and the students in it? Are you that shallow to narrow it down to a place where you met someone "retarted" that was in Liverpool and call EVERYONE in that school district stupid? How do you even know that they went to Liverpool High School? Oh you probably dont. Stop thinking you're the shit because you're probably just another dick from CNS. Don't kid yourself, we do kick ur ass pretty much EVERY YEAR, I'm surprised your not used to it by now. You just have to sit back and realize that, at some sports, Liverpool is better than you. If you aren't mature enough to admit that then go back to elementary school I'm sure you will fit in much better there. Oh one last thing, we only need 21 credits to graduate, I dont know what you're talking about because thats only one less than what you guys need but, not being able to spell an easy word like believe, I wouldnt expect some great math out of you either.
Liverpool, NY

What kind of mascot is stars?
by Liverpool December 14, 2005
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The armpit of CNY. These people who live here are retarted! Don't beleave me!? Go on down to the Sears there and try to understand them. And they say that they kick CNS's ass every year, bull. I know for a fact that us at CNS are smarter then those slums at liverpool, how might you ask?! Bacause we have to obtain 22 credits to graduate from CNS, how many does it take to graduate from liverpool?! I won't say, I don't want them to feel to retarted.
by Paul April 02, 2005
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