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A concert that was supposed to raise awareness about saving the planet, but instead wasted more kilowattage than the average household uses in a year.

A vessel for opportunists like Sheryl Crow to preach their hippie crap i.e. using only one square of tp for your bungholio.

A concert that wastes a lot of energy while at the same time making people feel like their the ones making an effort to save the earth.
Person 1: I love Live Earth. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Person A: That my friend is hell creeping up on you.

1: Explain please?

A: This concert wastes more energy than you do in a freakin' year.

1: I'm doing something instead of staying home and watching TV.

A: For the first time in a while, watching TV is the better option.
by Mart Adler August 20, 2008
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