The Sheetz between Gettysburg and Hanover. The wonderful land where all of the family restaurants are owned by the same family, where the football program practically runs the local government, and where people whine about the town sucking (and later move to Hanover). Mostly a pretty good town. Also home to the only strip club within 20 miles.
I'm afraid to go faster than 25 miles an hour through Littlestown.

Well come back when you get PA tags and you won't.
by superman>batman June 6, 2011
The biggest waste of space in PA. The cops are a joke, the schools blow, the girls are whores, the guys are hicks, the skaters can't skate and the stoners can't even get stoned. Littlestown is the biggest cluster fuck of posers on the face of the planet. The only good thing is the Hat Man who directs traffic in the morning. And even that was almost fucked last year when some fat bitch got in an accident and blamed him.

**Update: Also home to Dusty's Nipple**
Where do you live?

Where the fucks littlestown?
by Littlestown February 16, 2010