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Little Saturday is a concept that adds Wednesday to the list of "drinking days", with Friday and Saturday. Many nightclubs and bars stay open and offer many kinds of little Saturday specials.
Tom: Why are you drinking in the middle of the week?
Pete: Because it is Little Saturday!
by ----zzzz----- October 17, 2007
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A term originating in biblical times, refering to the day after humpday: Thursday. It is the point in the week were you have past the midpoint to the weekend and your body yearns for a cocktail or two. This ultimately leads to Thurday being the biggest party night of the week, full oF orgies and wine. In the town of Gibsons BC Canada, they have actually made a four day work weeks, because no one was showing up for work on Friday.
Justin: Hey, what are you doing this Little Saturday?

Andy: Going to the Roxy and getting fucked on Jager Bombs.

Justin: Nice!
by Tom Tuttle March 05, 2007
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