You can call me Mr. M a j o r or ‘daddy’ M a j o r. I’m writing this to clarify the stuff written about my little n I g g e r Lawrence or Larry. I know he’s a problem for folks and some of you unlucky ones who have to be around him in Omaha. I managed to knock up his momma, who was a alcoholic crack whore. So from the beginning he wasn’t wanted. He was a chubby little squat. In fact his titties was bigger than his momma’s when he was a boy. But I could see that when he was a little baby, he was gonna be a problem. That’s one reason I left. I didn’t want to believe he came from my loins. He used to get in fights, but only when somebody else was there to protect him. His life of crime started early when he stole money from me from my wallet. He went on to stealing hubcaps, breaking windows and stealing from stores. He was sent to Boys Town, but I was gone then and from what I’ve read, he’s still a miserable little bastard. I know he’s diabetic, but still drinks too much anyway which makes him even worse. Them folks have to deal with a drunken loud mouth that runs around crying racism all the time. I know I wouldn’t hire him if I ran a business. He was, is, and will always be just a scum punk.
I don’t envy anybody that’s around my little n I g g e r. I’ve said my peace.
by Nigger Larry Major in Omaha April 30, 2013
A little g is a person who is not on enough gangster time to be a big g but a part time gangster. Little g can also refer to people who are younger or smaller than you.
That girl Ffion is my little g. Don't mess with her. She's a bad gyal.
by The-omniscient-omnipotent-wise February 11, 2022