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A great man from many games. He coined the term Naziwhore. He is quite infamous. He made his first noticable appearance on a game called RPGWO (Rpg World Online) where he started out humbly as a little tradesman/mage and eventually became the greatest gunner on UTWorld where he killed everyone and anyone in his way. He then became the greatest "Ninja" skilled person in the server when it wiped and totally killed great people like Jroc. He also stole over 100,000 gold from a guild who gave him control of their guild when the leader decided to remake, this was the incident known as : The End of the Legion, or Pwned, Andre. Many admins dislike him, to name those amongst the top of the list: Rhaorth, UT, Mickey, Jon. There are some who love him and adore him such as Chronolink and Merlin and of course Miner 49er and many others. And there are of course some who hate him very much, namely Icequeen(flirted with her), Chamillionaire (flirted with wife/girlfriend), Andre(destroyed guild), Miguel(spawn killed him on UTWorld), Guinevere(made fun of rhaorth many times), UT(called him a nazi many times), Rhaorth(called her a slutty naziwhore), LoMak(hitting on his wife and spawn killing him in UTWorld), essentially anyone who remembers his name hates him for stealing a lot of their stuff.

He is currently banned from every server in RPGWO from no fault but his own.
Lithys is so cool i want to crap my pants.
by Rhaorth May 20, 2006
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