"Literally Who?" is a phrase used to refer to people who others think are important but no one actually knows/gives a fuck about. Can also be used to refer to people who think they're important.
Contrarian Faggot: Yeah man, I listen to Neutral Milk Hotel
Normal Person: Literally who?


Guy 1: What do you think of Jill Stein?
Guy 2: She's the Literally Who of the whole election.
by ThatGuyFromTexas September 24, 2016
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A godly human being with a good sense of humour and an amazing taste. They get all the girls

Person: yo u watched jojo yet?
Person who watched jojo: yeah
*person starts worshipping person who watched jojo*

thats how it would play out
people who watch jojo are better than narutards and those annoying ass retared "goku solos" people
literally anybody who watched jojos are the best
by mem1 April 26, 2022
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