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"Yuropoor", or sometimes "Europoor", is a derogatory word for "European". It's usually directed towards arrogant, sheepish, Western Europeans and is typically used by Americans.
European: Stupid Americans and your Constitution, Capitalism, and individualist ideals.

American: Shut up, you stupid Yuropoor.
by ThatGuyFromTexas October 8, 2011
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Term used mainly in Texas to refer to low to low-mid quality weed that comes in flat, large and round buds. Usually full of seeds and very cheap.
Guy 1: Hey man I'm runnin' up to Conroe, you wanna come with?
Guy 2: Hell yeah! I know a guy up there who grows popcorn and I got $30 to spend. We can get it on the way back.
by ThatGuyFromTexas November 7, 2016
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"Literally Who?" is a phrase used to refer to people who others think are important but no one actually knows/gives a fuck about. Can also be used to refer to people who think they're important.
Contrarian Faggot: Yeah man, I listen to Neutral Milk Hotel
Normal Person: Literally who?


Guy 1: What do you think of Jill Stein?
Guy 2: She's the Literally Who of the whole election.
by ThatGuyFromTexas September 24, 2016
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