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Any girl living in Litchfield County CT. They tend to be very caring and loving to multiple nice men, tricking them into thinking they are forming a serious relationship, and then choose only one including, but not limited to: drug addicts, dropouts, deadbeats, and assholes. And then throws the rest into a love-sick friend zone.
Guy 1: You're the best girl i've ever met.
Litchbitch: And you're the best man i've ever met.

Guy 2: Here's your birthday gift, you're so beautiful.
Litchbitch: ohhhh thanks i love you so much!

Guy 3: I love you.
Litchbitch: I love you too!

(more good guys)

Random Fuckup: Yo bitch, i hate yo ugly ass!
Litchbitch: OMG i love you, lets be in a relationship.
by GoldenCoastBoy February 04, 2010
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