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Leave. It. To. (double b) Beaver. Bitch. Lit Dub is a corny ass person (usually white, middle class, middle aged males) that have white picket fences surrounding their perfectly manicured suburban lawns. They have a wholesome Mormon/Amish/Mr. Rogers Neighborhood-like quality that seems as if they have jumped right out of an episode of the TV sitcom “Leave it to Beaver”.
A Lit Dub usually parts their hair on the side, wears penny loafers, huge aviator eye glasses, and argyle button-up v-neck wool sweaters. The sweater must have a collared shirt underneath at all times, preferably an oxford dress shit (with the tie being optional). If there is no tie, it is mandatory to button up the top button. One must wear kakis or 1950’s brown or dark grey slacks, pulled up to their belly button, with their shirt tucked in at all times. Under no circumstances is jeans or a T-shirts ever allowed.
A Lit Dub usually uses the phrases “gee” “golly” or “gosh darn it” white driving a station wagon with wood trim molded on the side.
"What? You can't stay out past 10? Man, your a sheltered Leave-It-To-Beaver-Bitch!" (aka Lit Dub)
by PhillyPatt March 04, 2009
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