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Is really outgoing, loves to party and brings joy to everyone she occupies time for. Has a beautiful heart also a good open ear. Loves outdoor activities with family and friends. Other names she loves to be called is leah-lee, twinkxlee Kay. Its just plain to see she is one of a kind.
A Lisa-Marie is found in the bush of Kaikohe. A very rare specimen which is close to being endangered.
by CLOCK1567 January 04, 2018
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The most beautiful girl on the face of the earth, a person who will make you laugh so hard you cry,she has the best family in the world, she will either be your worst enemy or your best friend your choice
She is a definite Lisa Marie
by Star Galaxy December 23, 2016
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Lisamarie is one of the most fun, outgoing and intelligent girls you will ever meet! She has that attitude where theres a first for everything, shes always up for new experiences no matter the danger. She is probally the kindest girl to walk the earth she would do anything to help someone. Lisamarie will go places with their life, sure to make a difference with all of her i telligence. When she falls in love however she will drop everything and be fully devoted to them buy if they break her heart they will never regain her trust. Lisamarie is a girl who knows how to have fun and is probably the most ambitious person you'll ever meet. Lisamaries normally have big boobs and ass.
Me: Who is that angel over their?
My friend: oh that's Lisamarie, she's awesome! Right?
Me: She's exciting ! 😍
by Milklecheirestisteble March 11, 2018
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