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Perhaps, the BEST singer of the 90's. Beautiful, soothing voice, and beautiful guitar playing. #1 hit with "Stay" in 1994, making her the first unsigned artist with a #1 hit. Also, wears very cool-looking glasses.
Have you ever heard of Lisa Loeb? You mean that lady with the weird glasses? Yes, that's her, but her glasses aren't weird, they're cool!
by ilovelisa January 19, 2008
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a singer-songwriter from the mid nineties that emotional females liked, and guys were terrified of. she also wears black rimmed glasses a lot. and frequently talks about her ex boyfriends.
"hey you know that lisa loeb chick?"
"yeah...i broke up with her, and then ran far far away"
by naderrrr December 09, 2006
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