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The LiquiCup is a coffee cup with a rubber lining under it, which allows it to move about without making a single sound, just like a ninja. Students around it are thus unaware of it approaching, unless their sense of smell is good enough to pick up the scent of dark, dark coffee or cocoa. In any case, they are seduced to such a degree by the simmering hot liquid concealed inside the cup, that the victim cannot resist the temptation of acquiring such a cup for himself. This is the way the cup reproduces.

Thereby the cup spreads out through the campus, until one morning, when they are many enough, the cups strike. In one deadly move, they spray scolding hot coffee out at nearby students, which instantly liquifies them into even more hot coffee. This is the revenge of the LiquiCup.
Mike : Oh no, I think this cup is going to attack me!
John : You have gotten yourself a LiquiCup you have!
by Thomas and Sofie January 11, 2010
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