After a long night of shenanigans with your buddy you've only acquired one fine lady. While having sex with said lady you scream Line Change and while exiting the bedroom you high five your buddy and he finishes. Then he screams line change and you return for the cuddle session!
While visiting my friend we went out dancing, he brought home a girl, I was horny too, and the night ended in with a line change.
by huskerdude88 July 19, 2015
The act of a female having sexual intercourse with a new person on the same sporting team each week, such as in hockey where there are set lines for the team.
Although I thought I was the first one to have sex with her, I soon realized that she had been pulling a line change for the past month.
by Christopher Shubert October 27, 2006
When you and a bunch of dudes take shifts similar to hockey on a girl. Usually a coach lets you know when your teamates in with a whistle
Hey John you wanna run a swedish line change on katie tonight?
Sure, but i dont wanna be 4th line like always...
by LittleDP November 22, 2015