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Lindsey way is the wife of Gerard Way the former singer for My Chemical Romance and the base player for MSI. And personally I don’t like her. 1st of all she was happy about MCRs breakup and posted about it on twitter even thought she knew fans were hurting. She also talked so much shit about MCR before they got famous. It has also been rumored that she is responsible for Bob ,former member of MCR, being kicked out of MCR. One more this is she wore a shirt that said “mrs Gerard” and then got upset for people calling her “mrs Way” like wtf as well as getting upset that people would bring stuff to her concerts for Gerard which I can understand but seriously she is pretty fake. Not to mention Gerard and Her got married just an hour after a show and Gerard best friend ,frank,(and some people believe they were more) didn’t even get to go it was also rumored that ray found Frank crying a couple days after the wedding. people really only like her cause she’s pretty and she is “good” at playing the base even though she didn’t even know how to play the base and apparently “learned” how to play in one day which makes me think she really isn’t as good as people this she is but I have never seen her live before so I can’t really say much for that. She also claimed to be a feminist but she has made sexist remarks? One last thing is she was mean to Gerards brother Mikey on twitter, that’s you brother in law wth. But You have all the freedom to love her all you want this is just my opinion.
Person one: omg Lindsey way is sooo cool cause she sooooo sexy and hot

Person two: ehh
by P!atdmcrfob21piolets January 04, 2018
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