Lilyann is a beautiful sexy lustrous women who is also caring funny and kind although she is shy if you get to know her better the more she comes out of her shell and to those who are lucky enough to date her will soon find out she is a freak in bed. Most people take lilyann for granted when they should not lilyann is very loyal but if you upset her expect the anger to come out and bad things to be said. Although she does not like it when people misuse her she is very forgiving and if she feels she’s done something wrong she would change it and always do what’s best for others. Lilyann may seem very innocent but she is in fact the opposite when you get to date her she is everything a boy wants and more known to have a good figure and boobs. If lilyann is short she is mostly too her self and finds all most anything to funny if tall she is a bit more serious and a bit more logical.
Wow there goes lilyann her bf must be finnne he is one lucky lucky man
by AnonYmous/1 January 9, 2018
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She is probably a girl/woman you will only ever meet once. Her name is a combination of Lily and Anne and her A stays capital. She is either red headed or has brown hair, but she will most likely have stunning brown eyes with long eyelashes. She will be feisty and cocky and probably very bitchy, but on the inside she is hurting very much. She will try and act confident and like she is above you but in reality she hates herself more than anything. She is strong and has a dry or innapropriate sense of humor and is often found hanging out with the wrong crowd. She likes acohol and giving compliments. She loves to much and always gets hurt because of it. She will either be downright genius or flat our brain dead. She is good looking and pretty. She probably prefers dogs over cats, and is pretty edgy sometimes. Likes kid movies and romance movies.
Person 1: "Jesus, LilyAnne is a rude bitch!"

Person 2: "She has sad eyes..."

Person 1: "NUH uh. She thinks she's so cool but she's a single little beotch that will never get a boyfriend"

Person 2: "haha, you're right"

LilyAnne: *glares*
by T.hallin.ass May 27, 2019
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Most wonderful girl you will ever meet. She is cute and sort of a drama queens a.k.a make a huge deal over everything.

Person 1, she is so hot
Person 2, but so dramatic
Wow look at the girl is must be a lilyanne
by 123 go December 7, 2021
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A girl who is very emotional and cries at almost everything
"dude is that girl crying because you said she looked pretty? What a lilyanne!"
by hipsterswagg August 20, 2011
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lilyann is a very hot girl who is single and she has saved all the monkeys in the world. she is also stopping global warming right now.
guy 1: is that lilyann?
guy 2: i'm so into her! she saved all the monkeys in the world and she's stopping global warming!
by nolaveganism January 3, 2021
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The girl that you’ve liked for a long time but always thought she was out of your league. Whenever you see her in person your heart starts beating so fast it sounds like a drum roll. Whenever you think of her smile it puts one on your face and whenever she says something you immediately lose all focus. When you two started talking you thought she was just being nice but I turns out that she has thought you were cute for a while and that just made your heart race. Whenever you make eye-contact with her you always freeze. If and when you start dating you will try everything in your power to stay with her and keep her safe.
You made color come back to my eyes Lilyann Pittman
by 7.d.three March 15, 2022
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The girl who has a smile that can light up the entire universe. Lilyann Pittman is smart, kind, funny, and much more. If she’s ever down you always try your best to bring her back up and when she’s mad at you, you try to make up. If you ever see her sad your heart starts hurting and whenever someone is being mean to her you know you’re about to rock their shit. Just as the flower she is beautiful and majestic. Lilyann Pittman is amazing
by 7.d.three March 15, 2022
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