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Liliy is usually a very shy person, but He/She can really be funny also. They only come out of their shells when they are around people they are comfortable with. They have a lot of trust issues. Only because they don’t want to be hurt. They are usually selfless and also think before they do something. They aren’t really the goodie two shoes. Buy they chose to use common sense. They are loving and very smart. They are also a very loyal friend.
Liliy is such an amazing person. Protect them.
by vickywinter February 11, 2018
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Girl that asks like she is TuPac shakur, is a hipster at heart. Is basically white but acts black, talks about eating healthy but never actually does and always asks uncomfortable
Noun : Liliy put that headband in her hair and started playing that music again

Verb : I went on a diet again, but than did a liliy

Adj. : Damn, can't believe you did that thing! That was pretty liliy
by Joe owner October 26, 2013
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