A trash artist from the dark trenches of California you may see his taking occasional walks… (no wait) you may always see him inside through his home windows playing Xbox and not doing shit but don’t worry he’s not anybody or anything too bad like a Pedo or anything of that sort definitely didn’t send nudes to a 14 year old at 16 which is weird as fuck. He said he made KLIPZ I say KLIPZ made you, you’ve tried to sound like KLIPZ for months now and haven’t succeeded one time.
“Is that the fatty bitch lilghost_officials

“Uhm yeah it is him why?””

“I wanted to let you know he’s a Pedo

by ThatBoySlix July 24, 2023
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lilghost_officials is a 15 year old rapper, he started on free iOS/Android app called “rap fame” in which his freestyle & writing skills took off. He has been blowing up recently

Even having YouTuber ITZthevisitor call him the goat

That’s some internet respect in my opinion.
Jake: “babe lilghost_officials dropped a new banger

Babe: “Oh shit!!!”
by I play Skyrim August 23, 2022
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