Like or possessing qualities of female genitalia and shouting it at the most inappropriate times usually with a follow up high five if truly deserving.
-How would you like your steak?
-Hot and pink on the inside
-You mean like a Vagina?
*high five*
by Comic and Bomber March 13, 2010
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a response used to single out the friend (who is not really a friend but a person u make do the crap u dont want to do)at a random part in time in any conversation. does not have to be relevent to the conversation.
hey steve u see the packers game?
the packers suck! a vagina(to the "friend")
by pimp monkey 6900 September 18, 2006
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like your vagina: phrase;
a way to comment about your
(preferably male) friend's vagina.

NOTE**a phrase similar to
"that's what she said."
only more direct. funnier.

Thai: "Man, the backyard is wet."

Danny: "Yeah, like your vagina!....oooh I'm smooth"

Thai: "yeah your vagina!"
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adj (aka wanna be lesbian)

1a : tiny balls: shallow nut sac b : of, relating to, or designed for failure with lesbian women <offensive penis> c : of or relating to an attempt to score in a game or contest of vagina; also : of or relating to a team in possession of a ball or johnson

2: giving painful or unpleasant sensations : nauseous, obnoxious <an offensive odor>

3: causing displeasure or resentment <offensive remarks>

fuck the police
He tried to get some action but he's hung like a vagina.

Holy crap it smells like midgets and sin, is Hung Like a Vagina around somewhere?
by Run Tim-May Run March 4, 2011
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Being Like-penis-vagina-sexual is being a male who attracted to females, but enjoys having sexual intercourse with males. You aren't attracted to males, you just really enjoy getting railed by men or railing men yourself. This can also apply to females who are attracted to males, but enjoy having sexual intercourse with females. once again the females aren't attracted to the other females they just really enjoy have sex with them.
-Lets say you're a guy who really likes sex because its very awesome, you have a lot of sex with women. One day you get fucked by a guy and you really enjoy it. Your keep having sex with men, but you still are only are able to have attraction to females and get feelings for females. Now dont get me wrong you still enjoy vagina, but just dick more.

-Another example is you're a females who has been in a loving relationship with your Boyfriend for 6 years and you're convinced he's your soulmate. One day you and your friend are hanging out an end up having sexual intercourse. Right then you realize that you enjoy having sex with females more than males. You're still in-love with your boyfriend and like having sex with him, but you get off better with females.
by Mjaoxsmialxymna January 23, 2021
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