Likable, charismatic, a trait in someone that is warm familiar comfortable and easy to be around. Friend worthy, A trait generally noticed right away instant feeling of comfort and trust desirable to be around.
I knew right away from our brief conversation she had strong likability.
She had lots of likability and would make a great host.
He was kind of a jerk only talked about himself and his car had poor people skills and low likability.
by Upcycle December 30, 2014
People who have likable mentally and or can be comforting to be around, but not necessarily think or act the same or in similar ways.
Being with like minded people did not really work for her. Too much inbreeding of ideas and thoughts and some problems related to the fact that some had the same chronic mental issues, and bad habits. S
he was much happier with likable minded people, especially since they were more fun loving and kind and adventuresome, and so expanded her universe.
by mlhiss April 8, 2020