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Someone who has a real life. Often used in a derogatory way by those who DON'T have a real life and are therefore jealous.

A "real life" is constituted by having a girlfriend, an active social life, getting laid on a regular basis etc.

Frank: This 14 year old is flirting with me on msn.
Silver: Fucking liferfag.

Danny: But I'm trying to only stick with one girl this time. There's just so many to choose from.
Elliott: Grr.. He's such a liferfag.

Brett: I guess I'm a semi-liferfag.
Jamie: I would probably be a liferfag if I didn't live in a barbarian village with like 3 fucking people in it.

Molk: I'm the complete opposite of a liferfag. I have no life.
by [PE]Elliott January 25, 2009
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