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Liebel, Usually come in Twos. Geminis, most likely and in that case Twins. Liebels are fun, geeky types with a lot of personality. Liebels like to read novels and educate themselves. Liebels like to stay in shape, be active: Hiking, Swimming, Exploring, ect. Liebels are also very spontaneous and will always try new and exciting things/adventures. Liebels usually reside in hot, sunny, climates. Liebels enjoy being outdoors in the wilderness. If all this applies, then you either know or are a Liebel.
Friend: Are you both going hiking this weekend?

Liebel: Yes, and we are also going to camp overnight

Friend: When did you guys decide to do this?

Liebel: Just this morning...

Friend: Oh, gosh Twins, you must be a pair of Liebel's.
by TunaandShrub February 03, 2010
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