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A creature born from darkness, it lives in the shadows of campuses nationwide seeking out those whom it may prey upon. The Librar is prone to uttering strange sounds during moments of emotion and enjoys greatly the pain of its pupils. Receiving a perfect on a paper or test in a the Librar's class is close to impossible because the Librar either does not know how to teach or believes original student work is open to its own skewed interpretation, usually of the negative nature.
Ben-"Hey, bro, what'd you get on that paper we turned in last Friday?"
Phil-"I got a C, bro. The professor said that 'my paragraphs aren't structured enough'."
Ben-"Dude, that's total BS; everyone that read your paper said that it was concise and easy to follow. Don't worry about it, dude, she's just a Librar."
by Mr. Blackhawk September 07, 2011
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