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Words and phrases liberals use to trick and bilk people.
The language of the politically correct wimp.
Liberal Words and the words of sissies, pansies, fags, poofters, dykes, and democrats.
Liberals say "taking the law into your own hands" instead of "self defense." This makes it easier to convince people to hate guns, knives, and self defense. Try to defend yourself against punks and a liberal says you're taking the law into your own hands.
Liberals say "homeless" instead of "bum." This makes the problem of bums solvable by raising YOUR taxes to build homes for the homeless. Presto! No more homeless!
Liberals say "issue" instead of "problem." This makes it easier for liberal men to be effeminate and not sound macho.
Liberals say "gay" instead of arse-licking, butt-kissing, rectum-reaming faggot. This makes it easier for them to talk about poofters and faggots without discussing the activity that MAKES them poofters and faggots.
Liberals say "gender" instead of "sex." This is to pander to the butt-eating faggots and rug-munching diesel dykes.
by Belinda the Goat July 10, 2008
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A liberal word is a euphemism. White liberals rename common objects with liberal words. They do this so as not to offend other white liberals.
A liberal calls a colored guy a guy of color. These are liberal words.
A liberal calls a drunken stumble bum "homeless." He does this so he can raise everybody's taxes to buy nice homes or apartments for the homeless. Then they aren't homeless any more. Isn't that nice of the white liberal?
A liberal calls a garbage dump a landfill. That sounds ever so much nicer, don't you think?
A liberal calls murdering an unborn child the exercise of a woman's constitutional rights. That really does sound much nicer.
A liberal calls a butt-eating faggot "gay." That way, he doesn't have to consider that behavior that makes a butt-eating faggot a butt-eating faggot.
A liberal calls a child raper a molestor. That way, the child raper sounds like a pest rather than a menace, and can be given probation instead of jail time.
A liberal calls a woman a womyn. That way, the word doesn't contain that horrible, evil syllable "man."
A liberal calls a manipulator a personipulator and a manicure a personicure for the same reason.
A liberal calls a liberal a progressive because she is too embarrassed by the liberal lable. Don't be fooled.
by Delicious Tuna Wanda October 23, 2007
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A baseless sterotype created by Neo-cons to demonize Liberals and their supporters.
Words like this convey the Right-Wings lack of Knowledge on what Liberals think and believe.
Don't be fooled

See Conservative Sucker Punch
It's not Liberal words, it's Logic!
Liberals put L back in Logic.
by Concerned_Patriot November 15, 2007
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