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The privilege of ignorance claimed by various (but not all) members of the liberal party. This ignorance comes in many forms:

1. The privilege of altering facts about an event to suit one's own agenda.

2. The privilege of labeling people with other political views as racist, homophobic, and xenophobic, while ignoring those same qualities in one's self.

3. The privilege of claiming to be open-minded, righteous, peaceful, and humanitarian, while using violence, hatred, and ignorance to make one's point.

4. The privilege of wanting financial benefits, while ignoring where those benefits are coming from.

5. The privilege of claiming to want freedom, independence, and autonomy for all, while supporting liberal administrations that restrict freedom, independence, and autonomy.
The two argued about the facts of the shooting that took place last week. John informed Clarissa that some points of her story were incorrect, but she called him a close-minded racist. Clarissa was exercising her liberal privilege.
by Political Truth February 12, 2017
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