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A special version of the popular board game Monopoly, but with a few extra rules:

- One player gets designated the "Welfare Recipient." He sits on the GO square through the entire game, but every time someone else collects money from either rent or passing GO, he gets to collect 10% of it from that player for doing absolutely nothing.

- The Welfare Recipient can, on occasion, go to the Jail square at his leisure, but it is never his fault if he does so, and while there, all the other players must pay $20 every time they pass GO to keep him fed, clothed, warm, and with healthcare while he is in jail.

- On the return trip to the GO square from jail:

-- if the Welfare Recipient lands on any tax squares, the other players must pay it for him in equal shares;

-- if he lands on a rent square, the landlord collects rent from the bank instead of the Welfare Recipient

-- if he lands on Free Parking, he gets to collect any windfall to simulate taking his welfare check to the casino

-- if he lands on a railroad at the same time as another player, he may mug them for 1/5 of their total cash or, if that share would be less than $100, he can kill that player, ending the game for them.

The Welfare Recipient must also always use the CRACK PIPE as their piece of choice; if one doesn't exist, use a real one instead.
For some odd reason, the guy playing the Welfare Recipient is impossible to beat at Liberal Monopoly...
by JustAnotherGuy March 01, 2013
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