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Libby is a short fun loving girl with a funny humor making her truly "hilarious". She is known to go back for seconds when it comes to guys as well as being a dramatic female dog, however, Libbys pros outweigh her cons. She has fantastic nails along with sexy toes and one hella hot pair of knees. Her eyebrows are always on fleek as they are homemade which is why her nickname is Charles. She has an unusually uncomfortable obsession with the Cleveland Cavaliers and has a fetish for guys named Kyle. Her cool eyes and shiny nose are two of her easily distinguishable features. Despite her constant crying and victimization Libby is one of the truest and best friends you will ever have and friends like her only come around so often so jokes aside, if you meet a girl like Libby, grab on and hold tight.
PERSON1:You see that girl over there, the sunburnt one?

PERSON2:Ya, what about her?
PERSON1:She has got such a hot ass

PERSON 2:Yup, she's a Libbycharles alright
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by Charles Chelsea May 21, 2018
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