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Street name for Lexington Steele. Porn star specializing in anal sex on white women. Gigantic penis known for annhilating the likes of Miko Lee, Monica Sweetheart, Gauge and Aurora Snow.
After doing a few scenes with Lex the Impaler, do those chicks have to wear diapers?
by The Kid! June 17, 2004
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A mutant chigga with a hyperextensive penis long enough to impale most people. His favorite trick is to sneak up behind people while they tie their shoes, and ram his iron pecker into their anus and out through the tops of their heads - killing them instantly.
"Run, women get inside your homes and bar the doors! Men, grab whatever weapons you have and flock to fight the beast in the Town Square. The creature, Lex the Impaler, has broken through the city gates!"
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
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