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A Blast Hole Drill operator who thinks they know what blast hole drilling is about but don't have a clue FIGJAM!
A lever-Puller will start their day in the usual fashion of conducting no pre-operation inspection (Why do that when your cross shift can)? Starting the Drill Rig and cranking the Rotation and Pulldown pressures to the max no matter the strata being drilled or the consumables operational limits or ratings. A lever puller wont check the holes they have drilled for accuracy or re-drills, they will book phantom holes to make them seem like a more productive driller. A lever puller always damages equipment with a who gives a rats attitude. A lever puller has the ability to infect a whole crew of productive workers with their shithouse attitudes and lack of work ethic. A Lever Puller holds themselves in high esteem often crowing about large meterages achieved on the drill FIGJAM Fuck Im Good Just Ask Me, without going into other details of what their job is supposed to entail like looking after the drill and checking holes. Lever pullers like to leave shit for other operators too, like changing out a flogged out drill bit, dirty operator cabins or a bent drill pipe. Lever pullers should be sacked at the earliest convenience or transferred to toilet cleaning duties.
by Jeza The Mad September 22, 2011
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