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1) An asshole in his own right, but pledged to the idea of free thought and association. This is a man who did/does not back down from a fight without good cause, or a definite defeat.

2) Self claimed "New King" of Attica, as per his apparent 'direct translation' of his name.
a) Leu: Greek, "Current"
b) Theseus: Attican king after Aegis; reunited the Attican tribes and founded Athens; Greek Hero.

3) Lives in the United States, and wishes to overthrow the Greek government so he can rule again.

4) Self proclaimed Psychopath
a) "Hey, I'm a psychotic, I know what I'm doing." - Battle of Fifth and Main, December 28th, 1999.
b) "Lets see how many times I can skip this thing." - Conversations with DJ, March 4th, 2004.

5) Scholar
a) Was socked by Stephen Hawking in 2002, as S. Hawking became so very upset at L's positive theories on blackhole / whitehole nexus trafficking, that he got up out of his chair with the same grin and knocked Leuthesius to the ground.

6) Conspiracy Theorist
a) Is 100% certain that Cheney/Bush were/are the cause of the 9/11 attacks
b) Is absolutely sure that Mel Gibson is actually an alien.
c) Same with Jesus.
d) Is certain that a man named "Vinny Jackinthebox Duke" is going to take over the world by hallucination and mindslavery with telepathy in the year 2000.
e) Believes 2005 to be a hoax, it is really 0005.

7) Gypsies
Leuthesius believes he will be dead by the year 2944. (Note 6e)
Like "Good going Napoleon".

"Good going Leuthesius"

"Way to be king Leu, dumbass"
by RazorOutlaw January 28, 2005
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