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When a girl grabs onto a ceiling fan above a man who is laying down with a erect penis causing her to spin around on the penis. Then the girl will pull her self up and down making it a spining and up and down motion.
The sex postion was originaly invented in Connecticut and was called just the lotus until around 1980 when a girl died while in the postion from dysentary hence the "lethal" part of the name.
It is said not to be deadly, but some people say otherwise. Doctors tell people to advoid parttaking in the postion because if a penis is to big then it could rupture some inner organs. No one has repotadly died from it since the 1980 encounter.
Cindy- "Hey, want to do the 'lethal lotus'"?
Tim- "I dont know my doctor said it was kind of risky after that 1980 encounter"
Cindy- "It feels so good though"
Tim- "O.K lets do it!"
by AnalTitan January 20, 2009
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