AKA Less Than Three
A quote from YouTube star NigaHiga. It's basically just the worded version of <3.
Person1: OMG! I looove Justin Beiber! Less than 3!
by Gaz-pat-cho April 16, 2010
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Love, <3, really like a lot!

Most internet and phone texting looks to shorten words. But by using "less than 3" you actually have to type more...which is retarded. I do not less than 3 that....
Dude, I less than 3 that killer mountain bike trail!!
by I is KarlSTI January 25, 2010
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Less than three is a common way of forming a "<3" or heart symbol. It's used very often online and even more so among social networking, or instant messaging. A mathematic solution for less than three would be:

Solve for i





Online its a common way to refer to "love" by saying I <3 you, or I less than 3 you <3, because it looks like a formed heart. <3
I less than three you <3
by Cuddles<3 October 25, 2011
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It was a joke I started towards the "emo" kids in school. They put <3 signs on everything they can get their grimy little hands on. I started using it on myspace.com and now every emo kid in school has it written on every bathroom stall in the school.
I don't love you, or heart you, I less than three you <3
by Faye May 3, 2005
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good joke hahahah really funny ! Wowoow I like your attitude! Catch me outside next time at the park. Oops! Spilled my ravioli better pick it up with a spork! Let's now all collectively toss our spork into a carboard fucking box.

*On the next episode of Less than equals 3: Picollo turns into a supersaiyan and people of earth turn into namekians. The only way to save them is through the power of photosynthesis. We all our collective powers... sporks out*

HAhaha, I bet you didn't see that coming! Neither did my video editor. Here's a short break by our paid sponsor RAID SHADOWLEGENDS.

On the next episode of Less than equal 3....

the Box dies
Less than equals 3
by MEMESFORTHENIGHT October 10, 2023
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