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Less Salt: Another way of saying "Be nicer" Which is not the same as pouring on the sugar.
ie Every human transaction is filled with some niceties and spite (to try and make it look like ingredients.)
to change the so called Human transaction. you can either be nicer (adding sugar) meaner(adding salt) OR Meaner (Less sugar) or agin Nicer "Less Salt".
Many times when dealing with some one.just saying this to your self. "Less Salt" will lessen the harsh human transaction. thus making Your life easier. just by using less Salt.
Marlon: You look extra happy today ?! Whats up?
Sam: "Less salt"
Marlon: Less Salt?
Sam: Yea. Its like being nicer to people. Thus making me feel better. ;)
Marlon: "Oh I get it now. "Les Salt" " , I should try that.
Sam: Yea.

Lisa: Man Im distressed I have to go into this meeting and my honey pot has run dry!
Gary: You could try using "Less Salt"
LIsa: Thinking about it for a few seconds.. Wow, Thats a great Idea Gary! "Less Salt"
Gary: Picks nose...
by The.Sniper July 14, 2018
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