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A Leshem is usually very outgoing and crazy; If you happen to come across one proceed with caution, as it can be very dangerous when holding a grudge or agrivated.

If you happen to be friends with a Leshem, than good for you have have reached immortality! A Leshem wouldn't let anything happen to you.

How do you get a Leshem you ask? Well, they are very rare. The only way, is too see if one of your friends are secretly a Leshem:

- He or She would do any dare
- Can make last minute change of plans for you
- Very talented
- Amazing sense of humor
- Sometimes selfish
- Wears a Magen David around his/her neck
- Is a Savage

I will be updating more soon

Written by: *&#%$ Binyamin Leshem
Bro, this dude is such a Leshem.
Don't try to act like a Leshem.
Be a Leshem and do it!
Bro, this Leshem is a savage.
by A Leshem October 31, 2017
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