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A lesbian woman that never felt comfortable in female clothes; not even as a child. Nine times out of ten when the now adult stud was a child. They also was a tomboy and wore boy clothes since they can remember. A lesbian stud also has a natural masculinity about them that attracts a very feminine lesbian woman. Sometimes a stud can like a stud; we (LGBTQA) call that stud on stud. Last; a stud usually never uses their birth name when telling a feminine lesbian woman their name. They use a nickname or shorten their birth name if it sounds more masculine enough to use. Example Olivia Berry will be O, OB, Liv, or Livi.
"Lesbian Stud" being defined in a sentence: (Feminine lesbian saying to another feminine lesbian or their gay best friend.): "Damn Livi sexy as fuck; she can strap me and I'll ride her face."
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by OPBerry January 24, 2019
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