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A pre-run exercise created by Leroy Lockhorn done not unlike a normal lunge, but spelling Leroy in every set. Every time you lunge, you spell one letter in the name 'Leroy'. e.g. - 'L' on the left, 'E' on the right, and so on alternating until the name is spelled. Also, the lunge is very often lengthened so its a stretch as well as a lunge. Its a great way to warm up for jogging. Take it from a former Hawaii Warrior, the Leroy Lunge rocks!
Leroy: Should I go for a run today? If I'm gonna run, I better do my Leroy Lunge! (he starts lunging: 'L' - 'E' - 'R' - 'O' - 'Y') Easy there, streeetch into it!

Stan: Wow! What's that? That's better than my Stanley S. What is it?

Leroy: Well, its my Leroy Lunge. Its this warm up stretch I do. Its awesome! Why don't we try it. With you we should spell 'Stanley' instead of 'Leroy'.

Stan: (trying the Leroy Lunge) 'S' - 'T' - 'A' - 'N' - 'L' - 'E' - 'Y' Wow! That really works.

Leroy: Well, don't you love it? See, the longer you hold it the more stretch you get. Just remember not to do it all at once. You've got to ease into this thing.

Stan: I'll have to show Rabbit. She'll love it too. This is crazy!

Leroy: Well, you want your legs as soft as a sponge, try stretching them with the Leroy Lunge! Let's get going!
by Dusty's Baby Powder August 16, 2011
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