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Those with this name are the bombest people you will ever meet in your entire life.

Their sex skills trump all porn stars.

Their beauty is beyond believable.

No man will ever meet high standards for this kind.

They possess skills in alomst everything imaginable.
That band the other day was almost at Lerin status.
by chick000 April 11, 2009
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The real name for florena in Northern Greece (formerly Macedonia) but stolen by Hellenic pigs. Another city also stolen by greeks, who are really macos in self denial i.e. greco-mani or turks, is solun which is now Thessoloniki pfft.
Lerin is not Florena,
Solun is not Thessoloniki,
Macos are NOT GREEK,
Macos are NOT SERBS or CROATS,
Greeks are either maco or turk
by Maco Pride June 26, 2007
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