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That group of kids everybody knew in high school that individually were often the targets of derision and/or physical violence, but who through some geek radar found one another to form an alliance, thereby lessening the probability that any one member is a victim.

The reference to the middle-age practice of isolating individuals with Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) and not allowing them to come into contact with any "normal" people is apropos because if a "normal" (read non-geekified) child were to associate with the leper colony, s/he is immediately labeled as suspect, and in extreme cases will be isolated him/her self, thus becoming a member of the colony.
Mark's sister: "Mark has been indoctrinated into the Leper Colony and is at the park LARPing."

Mark's mom: "NO GOD, NOOOOOOOO!"
by cowboythecat October 28, 2010
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The designated smoker's areas outside of office buildings or in airports.
I hate walking by the leper colony in the stinks!
by Zenanarchy June 17, 2018
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