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1. To get owned online by a liar, cheat and thief
2. To get ripped off, via fraud online
3. Purchasing a grossly misrepresented item online
4. To be one of sveral people who paid for an item, when there was only one to be shipped
5. To have your, or your business's name and reputation pulled trough the mud by a lair, cheat, and thief for his or her personal gain
6. To be on the receiving end of a young twat who is blind to his or her own obligations and responsibilities, when engaged in a personal transaction of money for goods
1. You paid Leo $150.00 for a set of used tires that he advertised as "75% tread life" and "only put 2,000 miles on them", then discovered they were bald and full of nails? You got Leowned...

2. What?! The supercharger Leo sold you ate a brass nitrous jet? Didn't Leo tell you he lost that when he took the superchager off his truck? Man, you got Leowned!

3. You just found out that that Leo crashed the "immaculate" 700 Horse Power Cobra you bought from him a year before you bought it? You got Leowned.

4. What?! I already paid Leo for those springs 2 weeks ago-now another guy online gets them via UPS?! I got LEOWNED!
by Leowner September 01, 2007
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