The sweetest Russian guy a girl could ever know. He will ask you what's wrong on a bad day and cheer you up in a matter of seconds. He is shy but if you get to know him he is completely the opposite. Leonids can make you laugh when there's nothing to talk about. They are witty and go to college, although they occasionally skip class.

Synonyms: Smart, Adorable, Russian, Awesome
Antonyms: Dumb, ugly
Person1: He's so sweet and adorable!
Person2:He's a Leonid!
by AZN_INVAZN! November 20, 2010
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a heroic hero, packing a package many miles long. Often dominates helpless Nikolais.
the powerful Leonid took down the inferior Nikolai
by YxngLee May 11, 2022
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Leonid is a name of male that usually gets a lot of bitches.
Leonid gets a lot of bitches.
by 4fade March 23, 2022
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Big dicked chaddington chad
That guy is such a Leonid, he's a winner in life
by Sigmaduck November 22, 2021
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Dumb ass russian guy who plays with himself at 2am in the morning because they love us. Bushlaleelayo
by denizdeniz September 9, 2010
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An amazing person who has a great personality, very funny, handsome, nice eyes and always likes to show off the girl who he is with
I want to be a leonid
by am579 May 7, 2018
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The spartan that slaughter many fucks within the ages, sweet nice guy, but dont get on his bad side
by NeXuss October 2, 2011
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