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A boring, shy, and overall smart guy. Not many people have this name, so if you ever find a Leodan, don't let go. He is passionate about what he does and will love you deeply.
Hey, Have you heard of that new kid?

Yeah, his name is Leodan. He's so boring!!

He got a perfect score on the End Of Course test though!!
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by boringdude February 07, 2018
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A weird guy who will be forever alone. There is probably only one English speaking/understanding person in the world with this name. If that is you, I'm sorry.
Leodan is just not having it. He really needs a girlfriend!

"Leodan, who is your celebrity crush? "
"Why would I tell you my celebrity crush. But then again, I don't have one..."
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by The Coool Kid Yo April 21, 2018
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