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The most unorganized school in all history. The teachers are biased when it comes to who gets in trouble. half of the substitutes are over the age of like 80. You get to serve a punishment, for people telling on you, or if a teacher assumes you did something wrong, without a chance for explanation. They will call home, without asking about your home life or home situation. The administrators talk about the students 24/7. Girls get pregnant and Boys get high. Lesbians fuck in the bathrooms and dont get in trouble. Students are misjudged by the way they look or act. The title "Lenoir city high school student" is not something to be proud of, and if you get in trouble at this school i feel bad for you. It is a living hell.
boy: Man, she's beautiful
friend: Dont mess with her though. She's from Lenoir City High School.
by Your Favorite Realest. March 01, 2019
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Probably one of the worst schools located in East Tennessee. Despite how harsh the weather can be, we are almost always in school, unless Knox county gives us the go-ahead. There are atleast 1-2 fights held publicly a week, and many others hosted at the local skate park. People are constantly suspended. The school is basically divided up into Preps, Scene Kids, Druggies, Latino Gangs, and the Minority, which there are about 10 Black kids and 5 Asians out of almost 1,500 students. After the kids at Lenoir City Middle and North Middle combine, they both ditch their existing friends for a more fake lifestyle to cope with how little attention they get. Most of the female students are the stuck-up bitches that don't give a shit about you unless you're in their inner-circle; If they do care, they just want your cock, money, or drugs because they are dirty sluts, and not the attractive ones either. The males are almost the same way. They all seem to have that douchebag vibe, always fucking with people, not caring about anyone but their inner-circle. The low-life ones usually talk shit about eachother, eventually leading into fights and suspensions. The facility at LCHS is bad, too. After wasting $1M on a football stadium for a losing team, we are left with trashy bathrooms, outdated computer labs, and lockers that won't shut properly. Any student transferring here should go to Loudon, or maybe Farragut High. Going here is the shittiest mistake you could ever make.
Tom: "Hey do you know where I can watch a good fight, ditch all my friends, find racist shit written on bathroom walls, get stabbed by a Latino Gang member, and catch an STD from a trashy girl?"

Bob: "Sure, I heard Lenoir City High School is open today."
by treatedMeLikeCrapLCHS March 17, 2011
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