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The weakest and most pathetic flavour of chicken at Nandos... Seriously, it'd be like going out for a curry and ordering a fucking cucumber and yoghurt dip as your main course.

Often used as a put down for someone who has taken the weedy option along with "Mango and Lime" (the other Nandos flavour of choice for those of weak tongue).
Nando's Man: How would you like it?
Colm (Very Quietly): Lemon and Herb please (shhh)

Nando's Man: And you sir?
Dan: EXTRA HOT PLEASE... (quietly) Actually make that mango and lime...

"You Mango and Lime bastard!"
"You cucumber and yoghurt cunt"
"You lemon and lime bastard"
"You Mango and Herb dick"
by Grizzlers August 19, 2009
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