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"Lemkau'd" is the act of removing by vote, a judge who has displayed a high degree of judicial incompetence as adjudicated by the public during re-election time.

The term is coined after San Bernardino County, CA Superior Court Office 11 Judge Robert Lemkau who ignored a woman's pleas for the life of her child and granted unsupervised visits to the "Baby Daddy" who had emailed "fantasy stories" about killing the baby and himself if he and the woman did not get back together.

The man was true to his word, and a toddler is now dead.

Judge Lemkau lost to challenger in a 2010 election by a vote of 34.26% to 65.64% to a Deputy DA from San Bernardino County, James S. Hosking.
Dat Judge done fucked up, he should be "Lemkau'd" out of office.
by Mr. Frost 1967 August 27, 2010
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