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EXTREMELY beautiful - often mistaken for Pocahontas (disney). LONG flowing locks. A calm and serene elegant creature with a soul of FIRE. Likes the sea. Can walk for miles. Like a White Masai.

Loved by all men, admired by all women.

She is beauty in itself.
Person one: Did you just see that extremely elegant beautiful creature? WHAT WAS THAT?
Person two: I think it was.. no... could it possibly have been.. a Leilana????
Person one: OoooOOOooooooh! You don't see many of those!
Person two: No. No you don't.
Person one: Wow.
by Destininny April 25, 2011
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Has a great pussy and is EXTREMELY Beautiful. Get's all the guys and loves black guys. Smart and dumb.
Davon : DAMNNNN Leilana's pussy last night was good.
Ryan : She moaning to much tbh.
by Lx.lana January 30, 2018
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