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The Leibniz-Newton Effect, or LNE, signifies when two alike or similar products or ideas are either created or discovered by two different individuals with no clear evidence that Guy 1 and Guy 2 had any influence on each other.

The term is derived from the fact that Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton both discovered calculus, without knowing about each other until after they had both attempted to get their work published.

In the world of animation, it is said to be the effect of two studios coming up with very similar ideas for a movie with no clear proof that one truly did steal the idea from the other.
With no real solid evidence that either one truly inspired the other, it remains plausible that the release of the eerily similar "Flushed Away" by Dreamworks and "Ratatouille" by Pixar is an instance of the Leibniz-Newton Effect, wherein which great minds think way too much alike.
by ObscuredOne November 09, 2007
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