This word is another form of "for real." One can use this term to affirm a comment or statement made by another person. This term can be used as a rhetorical question as well.
Person 1: Is that a new car?
Person2: Legit talk bro. I just got it yesterday.

Person 1: Did you know that CNN is on channel 35?
Person 2: Legit talk?

Person 1: Dude I just aced my final.
Person 2: That's legit talk.
by BigEZY915 December 02, 2009
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It's like, what's up. i mean like, what you're doing when you're talking to someone and it's legit. It's like real talk without all the serious connotations. It's just legit
Val: Yo let's get on legit talk status.
Jack: For real, real talk is too deep for this shit right now, let's get legit.
by yeeeeeeeeeebitchhhhhhhhstatus November 12, 2009
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