Barney Stinsons A.K.A.

Mr. Awesome, The Barnacle, Barn Door,

The Stinstonian, Swarley, Swarles (Barkley),

B-Dawg, Stinson-natti, Barnman, Nestor Diaz or B-Nasty

From How I Met Your Mother Favourite Word.

He has said "Tonights going to be Legen-Wait For It... DARY! LEGENDARY!"
A Bunch of times throughout the entire series.
Barney: Tonight s going to be Legen-Wait For It... DARY! LEGENDARY!
Barney: It's going to be legen-- wait for it-- and I hope you're not lactose intolerant, because the second half of the word is-- dairy! Legendary!
Barney: We're building an igloo in Central Park. It's going to be legendary! Snow suit up
Barney: Its going to be legen. wait for it- (end of Season 2)
Barney: -dary! (start of Season 3)
Barney: Tonight is gonna be legen-- wait are we sure it's a good idea to go to a strip club.. Shut up Lily I'm in charge now-- dary!
Barney: Tonight is going to be legen... it's the night we stole a camel... which means it'll be full of drama... dary. Dromedary!
Barney: It's gonna be legen- I'm not waitin' for it any longer
Quinn: (after sex) Dary!
Barney : This wedding is gonna be legendary!
Robin: No "wait for it"?
Barney: I've got you. I don't have to wait for it anymore.
by MR.Jt November 16, 2013
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usually an exclamation and not a statement, legen (wait for it) dary is the word legendary, broken only to be taken to greater heights by a master
MLVR to LVS - "Your energy receiving skills and your mastery of my friction generator when applying my letters in liquid energy to your fantastic curves is legen (wait for it) dary!"

LVS to MLVR - "I appreciate your own mastery dear lavalier."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
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